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The mission of the Women’s Finance Exchange is to develop professional women working in financial areas by providing networking and learning opportunities in a relationship-driven environment.

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Meet the Member: Jillian Nel
Welcome to our latest installment in our "Meet the Member" series. This month meet Jillian Nel, our newest member! 

Meet the Member: Margaret Ceconi

Welcome to WFE's inaugural news series where we will feature a member each month. This month meet Margaret Ceconi, founder of the WFE!

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June 14, 2011Summer Sizzle: A Cool Way to Heat Up Your Business
August 11, 2011A Fashionable Evening at the WFE Duck Hunt: "Bellinis and the Boardroom"
September 22, 2011Deborah Duncan´s Secret to Making Each Day a Great Day
October 27, 2011Building Relationships Builds Business
December 05, 2011Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Dinner at the Coronado Club
January 19, 2012Economic Forecast 2012
February 16, 2012Building Your Personal Leadership Brand and Presence
March 22, 2012Health Care Reform
April 19, 2012Using Social Media Effectively
May 17, 2012Living Your Colors
June 12, 2012Summer Sizzle: A Cool Way to Heat Up Your Business
August 16, 201218th Annual Duck Hunt: More Than A Fashion Show!
September 13, 2012Break The Rules and Get More Sales!
October 18, 201217th Annual Meeting & Networking Luncheon
December 17, 2012Annual WFE Member Holiday Dinner and Party
January 15, 2013Economic Forecast 2013
February 21, 2013Understanding Nonverbal Communication
March 21, 2013Perspectives from the C-Suite
April 18, 2013Looking and Feeling Your Best
May 16, 2013Navigating the Storm - Cloud Technology and Social Media
June 11, 2013Summer Sizzle: A Cool Way to Heat Up Your Business!
August 15, 201319th Annual Duck Hunt...More Than a Fashion Show!
September 19, 2013Colors in the Workplace
October 17, 2013How to Effectively Negotiate Without Giving Away Your Margins
December 09, 20132013 Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Dinner
January 14, 2014Economic Forecast 2014
January 30, 2014Membership Kickoff
February 18, 2014Strictly Business: Understanding Personality Buying Behaviors
March 20, 2014Four Generations in the Workplace
April 17, 2014Interpersonal Skills for Success
May 15, 2014Emotional Mastery
June 10, 2014Summer Sizzle: A Cool Way to Heat Up Your Business!
August 14, 2014The 20th Annual Duck Hunt ... More Than a Fashion Show!
September 18, 2014Government Regulations & Trends in Energy
October 16, 2014BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
December 08, 20142014 Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Dinner
January 28, 2015Economic Forecast 2015
February 05, 20152015 Membership Kick-Off
February 19, 2015Doing Business in a Culturally Diverse Global Marketplace
March 26, 2015Success Unlimited ... Women in Business
April 16, 2015Shedding the Shoulds: Setting Healthy Boundaries
May 21, 2015Taking Her Seat at the Table: Gina Luna
June 09, 2015Summer Sizzle: A Cool Way to Heat Up Your Business!
August 13, 201521st Annual Duck Hunt ... Fired up for Fashion!
September 17, 2015Philanthropy from an Insiders´ Perspective
October 15, 2015Power of Deep Water: Port of Houston
December 07, 20152015 Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Dinner
January 21, 2016Economic Forecast 2016
February 04, 20162016 Membership Kick-Off
February 18, 2016Let´s Play, Houston!
March 10, 2016Non-Profit Management - Getting There and Making it Work
April 21, 2016Should You Trust Your Gut?
May 19, 2016What’s Your Game Plan for Selling in Today’s Connection Culture?
June 14, 20162016 Summer Sizzle: A Cool Way to Heat Up Your Business!
August 11, 2016The 22nd Annual Duck Hunt
September 15, 2016Economic Impact of a World Class Medical Center
October 20, 2016Integrating Office Politics into Your Success Strategy
December 05, 20162016 Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Dinner
January 11, 2017Economic Forecast 2017
February 02, 20172017 Membership Kick-Off
February 16, 2017Using Foresight to Anticipate and Plan for Disruptive Trends
March 16, 2017The Changing Face of the Houston Region
April 20, 2017Critical Cybersecurity Update: Economic War and Your Role
May 18, 2017Relationships: How to Adapt to Different Behaviors


Economic Forecast 2017
Greg Young, SVP and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bernstein Global Wealth Management spoke to WFE on January 11th to provide an overview of the 2017 U.S. Economic Outlook from an investment stand-point.

Integrating Office Politics into Your Success Strategy

Christine Spray, nationally recognized business development keynote speaker and two time best-selling author, spoke to WFE about integrating office politics into any successful strategy. 

Duck Hunt 2016

Click here to see photos from our annual Duck Hunt event!